The Internet without borders


What does Unwall mean?

Unwall means NO WALL , we want freedom without GFW(The Great FireWall).

What can I do with Unwall?

Listen to Pandora and Spotify for free; Search on Google; Chat with friends on Path etc. In short, Unwall accelerate your Internet.

Is Unwall a SSH / VPN?

In fact,we set up this system base on SSH.But for great services,we development the Desktop client software for Windows.You just need login and enjoy it.

What devices does Unwall support?

The Chang'shuang Plan support you login form the Desktop client software(both Windows and Mac),and the Jin'Shuang Plan also support Android and Windows Phone and iOS.More are coming.

What networks does Unwall support?

China Unicom , China Mobile and China Telecom and so on.

How to use Unwall?

For Windows Phone , Android , iOS and Desktop, please install our app or client software.

Can I share my account with families?

Yes! Unwall allows the users who chooes the Jin'shuang Plan use the same account on your and your families' up to 3 devices. Please read our Terms of Service before purchasing.

Does Unwall have a limit for transfer?

No,all of our plans are in Unlimted about transfer! Our advanced transfer directing technologies reduce your data transfer. Therefore in most cases, you don't need to worry about it.

How it works well?

For Windows users,you must use the Firefox Protable to suft the Internet,which is a part of our software.For Mac users ,we recommend you use the Safari to get your free!

What if I had more questions?

Any queation please mail to [email protected]