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Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We collect and store information required to provide you services.Such as Email,password,device number and type,transfer statistics,and payment(if you have ever made a purchase).

However,we don't store what websites and services you use on Internet.For instance,we don't know and therefore don't store your Sina Weibo credentials.Accordingly,we can't answer questions like"What did i do by Unwall".

Data Security

All data that is transferred between your computer and our website is encrypted.Your password is stored encrypted when you set one and can't be decrypted.

Data that is transferred between your device and our accelerator server is encrypted at the utmost.


We probably hate SPAM than anyone else.We won't send you any Email unless it's really important or we have no other options.Period.

If you still decide to opt-out from our mailing list,Please tell us via Online Services.